Permaculture Property Visits, Permaculture Garden Tours

Sorry you missed out on seeing our permaculture property on our Open Days!

If you are interested in visiting permaculture property we are planning other Open Days this year so please return to this website or join our mailing list to get details as soon as they are announced.

Since 1995 many people have visited our Permaculture Garden Open Days for inspiration, permaculture design ideas and to look at how our permaculture garden ideas have developed over time. It is always a pleasure to meet return and new visitors and welcome them to observe the way in which we are interacting with the land and to hear their feedback about our property.

Permaculture Open Day Tour

Designing  your own property,  looking for practical ideas, dreaming of a new life or considering a permaculture course?

On our organised Permaculture Garden Open Day tours you are inspired by the 20 years of Permaculture design and living on display . John and Sharon Champagne at Brogo Permaculture Gardens open their property and home to people interested in a practical, sustainable lifestyle.

Get an insight into the application of the 12 principles of permaculture, developed by permacultures’ originators, Bill Mollison and David Holmgren. The Brogo property features an owner built, solar powered mudbrick home, composting toilet and greywater system. Fundamental to the management of the property is the integration of animals with native and exotic plant food systems. The scale and design is based on a rural property of a large family but the principles can be utilised anywhere.

Brogo Permaculture Gardens also has a developing Asian food garden, orchard with ducks, free ranging chickens, earthworks including food forests, swales and a hugelkulture bed.Other projects are underway including a purpose built storeroom, natural swimming pool and primitive camping area.

The 20 year old property is an example of design strategies that work in the Bega Valley providing self-reliance for an uncertain future. Visitors gain an understanding of good permaculture garden design and layout and why it works.

On a typical tour day John leads a guided tour around the property and finishes in the home.This takes 1 1/2 to 2 hours. The  permaculture expert, designer, and builder will explain key design features such as food forests, swales, kitchen gardens, and hugelkulture during the tour and discuss the design elements of the property and house.

If you are looking for permaculture garden ideas, permaculture design and layout ideas or just interested in extending your knowledge of permaculture systems then join us on these days.

Group Visits to Brogo Permaculture Gardens

We are pleased to host group visits to Brogo Permaculture Gardens for those interested in our permaculture gardens, design ideas and layout.Contact us through the contact form below and advise us of the type of group, at least two alternative dates , the size of your group and aspects of the property you are most interested in for your group visit.

Costs for group visits are dependent on the type of group, the length of the visit and whether the visit is a walk and talk style or if a presentation on any aspect of the property is required.

Individual Tours

We are contacted often by people in the area and those passing through wanting to ‘drop in’ and see our property. We make every attempt to accommodate these requests but please understand we lead busy lives and this may not be possible in your time frame. If possible try to come to one of our Open Days. If this is not possible we ask that you contact us by phone or email in advance of your planned visit.

Ph (02)64 927306 or

Fees – Individual tours are $50 pp, this will be reduced f you have completed a Permaculture Design Course anywhere in the world, as part of our ‘Fair Share’ ethos. Please advise us on contact who your teacher was and where and when you completed your PDC.

If you have not completed a PDC then a $50 pp charge applies.