Sharon Champagne

As a permaculture teacher Sharon brings  together her knowledge as a  Permaculture Design Certificate graduate and a state trained educator to inspire and encourage students to develop their permaculture teacher and facilitation skills. She has conducted workshops in Timor Leste, Indonesia and Thailand as well as Australia.

With John she has developed a permaculture teacher training/facilitators  course designed to help in developing the skills of permaculturalists in passing on their knowledge through courses and workshops.

With a passion for working towards facilitation of learning rather than ‘filling the cup’ Sharon brings a creativity and depth to permaculture teacher training as well as  her years of experience in teaching.

As the mother of 5 children Zone 1 skills have been of paramount importance whether in the garden, preserving the crops or turning out nourishing meals. Sharon has a wealth of experience in these areas and is an integral part of the Brogo Permaculture Gardens story and partnership.

As well as developing the vegetable garden and surrounding area, Sharon manages the administrative side of Brogo Permaculture Gardens. Do get in touch with any questions.