Permaculture Services

Brogo Permaculture Gardens offers a range of services in addition to permaculture courses.

Our permaculture consultancy service offers you the opportunity to have a Permaculture expert, John Champagne, look at a property you are interested in purchasing prior to a purchase and provide you with an overview of the possibilities. If you already own a property and would like advice about the possibilities for it John is also pleased to assist you.

John is available to work with you  on a course as a guest or co-teacher as well as to undertake presentations at meetings , conferences etc.


With a background of Permaculture for over 20 years John is available to run presentations for you whether as part of a larger course or a one of in a particular area of interest.

In terms of presentations  John has a range of areas he can present on including :

  • permaculture
  • bioregionalism
  • eco communiites
  • permaculture aid projects

Costs depend upon the details of the presentation. Generally costs will include

  • $200 per hour presentation
  • $20 per hour travel time
  • $ petrol costs
  • accommodation if overnight is required due to distanced from Bega Valley