Co-Teach, Guest Teacher or Presentation

Thinking  of organising a  permaculture course and need an experienced co-teacher or guest teacher?

John has a wealth of permaculture teaching experience in Australia and Asia over the last 20 years. He has been the lead teacher in over 15  Permaculture Design Courses and has been a guest teacher on courses in Australia and overseas.

If you are considering organising a course, and would like an experienced co-teacher to assist you ,  contact us and discuss the options. We will set up either a Skype meeting with you or regular email discussion to ensure you get exactly what you want.

Generally the costs involved are :

  • transport- including overseas/domestic airfares if applicable; if we have other courses or events in the area at the time the cost of transport will be shared
  • local transport costs to the course/petrol costs if in NSW
  • accommodation and food ( double room -no shared facilities) -food as per course participants
  • Daily stipend – dependent on course details (i.e. local NGO /fairshare courses are cheaper than first world/expat course payments)

With adequate time,  John can travel to assist you with the course and we offer some assistance with planning and marketing the course. Sharon can assist you with working out the basics of course planning and working with you on marketing.


With a background of Permaculture for over 20 years John is available to run presentations for you whether as part of a larger course or a one of in a particular area of interest.

In terms of presentations  John has a range of areas he can present on including :

  • permaculture
  • bioregionalism
  • eco communiites
  • permaculture aid projects

Costs depend upon the details of the presentation. Generally costs will be the same as above if not local. Local costs  include

  • $200 per hour presentation
  • $20 per hour travel time
  • $ petrol costs
  • accommodation if overnight is required due to distance from Bega Valley