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We’re excited about…

having the Permaculture Gardens Open Days again  in January and February 2017 with Helene and Claude Marmoux!  We are also being hosted at The Crossing for our own Brogo Permaculture Gardens Permaculture Design Course in April 2017.

This month we have also confirmed two Permaculture Design Courses in Indonesia in July and August 2017 and a Permaculture Teachers Training Course in Indonesia in October 2017. As if thats all not enough for us a course in India prior to the International Permaculture Convergence in November 2017 is on the cards-we will keep updating so watch out!.

Brogo Permaculture Gardens Permaculture Design Course Details

Brogo Permaculture Gardens PDC April 2017 Booking Form

Permaculture Design Courses we’re involved with in


New Courses under development

traditional-poolNatural Swimming Pool Design
Brogo Permaculture Gardens
Date TBC
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pool design by Genus Loci Ecological Landscapes Inc, Toronto, Canada

permaculture design courseAdvanced Permaculture Design
Brogo Permaculture Gardens
Date TBC
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What We Do….live permaculture

We started developing Brogo Permaculture Gardens  in 1994 with the end goal in mind of the property being a demonstration site of best practice permaculture, an education site and most importantly a home where we could raise our five children living the ethics and principles of permaculture.

With a sound permaculture plan in mind , we designed and built our home and have developed the 4 hectares of former cattle paddocks into a lush and abundant property which is now one of the best permaculture sites in Australia.

Our Experiences in Developing Brogo Permaculture Gardens and Teaching Permaculture for Over 12 Years Gives Our Teaching
…..we live permaculture

In 2003 John started  teaching permaculture courses, 10 years after undertaking a course and experimenting and developing his understanding of permaculture in practice. He is available for Consultations, Co-teaching on Courses  or as a Guest Teacher on Courses and can be booked for a range of Presentations.

Permaculture Design Courses  are held in the Bega Valley annually and at other sites around NSW and Asia during the year. We also hold Open Days and host site visits.

Each year John and Sharon, who is also a permaculture graduate and a trained educator, run Teacher and Facilitation Training  in various parts of  South East Asia and Australia for those who have completed a Permaculture Design Course and wish to move into teaching either a course, workshops or classes. Our hope is that this will empower locals to gain the confidence to teach permaculture in their own areas.  These courses develop as  opportunities arise and we love to hear from people in the region who are interested in organising a course.

At Brogo Permaculture Gardens we aim to inspire others to look to permaculture to promote self and community resilience and  to develop the understanding of permaculture. With the 20 plus years of living the way we do, we know that it works.

Look at our events page for details of coming courses from Brogo Permaculture Gardens.